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enough said…


#CommonCore This is how the Government gets the unemployment rate.









#coexist is #BS because it doesn’t work with people who are trying to kill you… #conservative #crashr

Wow, that is disgusting. Don’t you dare label this as being conservative. You are simply racist trash. Don’t give the rest of us a bad name.

Its not “conservative”… Is is an accurate observation of reality. I need one of these for my car.

Friendly reminder that there are radical Christians too and these extremists are not an accurate representative of religion. For fucks sake, do you know anything about the religions you’re bashing?

I really wish the draft was still in effect so you all could be the bullet fodder instead of the friends I have (surprise, of all religions) overseas defending your right to spew this ignorant bullshit.

Dear lovewithallyouvegot,

You clearly value the appearance of being open-minded at the expense of rational thought. There’s a saying: Don’t be so open-minded your brain falls out…

1. Racism: if you don’t understand the word (and you clearly don’t) then don’t use it. Islam is a religion (different “r” word).

2. As FLM points out it is an “accurate representation of reality,” and liberalism has seen to it that it is becoming increasingly synonymous with “conservative.”

3. Your equivocation stating “there are radical Christians too” is not an accurate representation of reality. (another way to put that is…your head is up your ass)

There are no “radical” Christian groups playing in the same league of ISIS, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, the Taliban, Iran, Yemen, etc. etc. etc., Christians are not producing videos beheading non-believers specifically, and issuing summary executions of other non-believers in general, they’re not hijacking planes, planting car bombs in places such as Times Square, or rioting and threatening with death anyone who “insults” their religion. If there are “radical” Christian groups that do these things then there is absolutely no awareness of them, none…NONE.

You should change your name if you really do desire to see people you disagree with become “bullet fodder” (how open-minded!). That’s a sick and sad response coming from someone so deluded with ignorance they actually think they’re occupying moral high ground. You’re not, and you need to learn to play nice when the adults are talking.

1.) Forgive me for not believing that you will single out an entire religion despite the extremists (as great and terrible as their violent acts are) being the minority, but have no racial biases. Sorry, not buying it. 

2.) Far from an accurate representation of reality. The great majority of religious groups, aside from the extremists, do coexist. Funny how all the groups you mentioned in the next point are all Islamic groups. You’re not pointing out religious groups not coexisting, you’re bashing all Islam.

3.) You’re right, there aren’t any Christian extremists that are that prevalent. However, as I said, all the groups you just mentioned are Islamic. If you’re really making this about religions not coexisting rather than being anti-Islamic trash, you’ll need to take all examples of extremism rather than the ones you just mentioned. 

4.) If there were an award for condescending arrogance, you’d certainly be the winner. It may not be the most politically correct belief, but I’d rather not see your trash around and not have to worry about my friends (who are working with the people you’re bashing) not coming home. Do I actually hope you die, no. You may be biased trash, but obviously the situation I mentioned is not one that is reasonable. 

Anyway, if you’re done with your red herrings, you still did not prove your original stance. Nowhere did you address how this is an issue of religions not coexisting, you only brought up Islam. Nowhere did you address how the ones committing these violent acts are following their religion rather than being misguided extremists. Nowhere did you prove that there is a lack of examples of these religions working together.

Be as condescending as you want, however you’ve still yet to gain any legitimate ground on your point.

Edit: shoutout to justanotherconservative for adding a reaction gif without contributing literally anything else to this. C’mon Mr. Micdrop, why don’t you try to explain this one better than your buddy there?

2. See also: The Crusades


I’m so glad you brought that up because it illustrates MY point. One side of that war has moved on from the barbarism of the 14th century, the other side remains stuck there. 

Some people on this thread think pointing out such things is “racist” and “religionist.” Normal people would call this thinking critically.

We’ve moved on so much that 700 years later the side mired in barbarism is beheading people, broadcasting it to the world, and the side that has moved on would rather wring their hands and cite ancient history as justification for it rather than condemn it.

Such action is societal suicide.




Then buy a gun .

And some courage. Us guys walk home on the defensive too.

Exactly . Being male does make me knife,bullet,rape proof. Nor does It make unconcerned whilst waking at night/dangerous parts of town .

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Drawings of North Korean concentration camp by an escaped prisoner. 

Even though these are extremely creepy in nature, it’s important to note that this isn’t the past, but something that is happening right now.

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