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One Step at a time~

My boyfriend and I are actually Serenity and Endymion. Don’t tell anyone.



ももいろクローバーZ (momoiro clover z) | moon revenge


It can be any character from any of my fandoms or favorite things:

•Steven Universe •Adventure time  •Magical girls •Gravity falls  •Welcome to night vale •Orange is the new black Japanese fashion (lolita, fairy kei,etc) •Body pride quotes •Alice in wonderland • kawaii subversive quotes •princess jellyfish(kuragehime) •nana • paradise kiss •Scott Pilgrim •Mermaids •Madoka Magica •Sailor moon •GHIBLI •anything cute

You can send it here ♥

Requested bynoshepard-withoutvakarian


"Ah, girls won’t surrender their pride either
They won’t give up their Destiny to a Prince
They have the will to fight for themselves
Shiny Make Up sparkling
Assemble the starry skies
We’re not just frail weaklings who just need to be protected”

-Moon Pride


Sailor Moon Crystal - Moonpride

I'm Gabby.
I'm 17 years old.
But I try to.
Forever a moonie.
Proud owner of a '97 4Runner.
Loved me a '93 mx6.
I'm secretly a car enthusiast.
I'm happily in like with someone.
Dunno, I'm going places.

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